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Ultra ThinLine Comfort Pad Full Sheepskin

AUD 289.00 each


Product Description:

So many Grand Prix and Olympic riders are using this pad because the horse rounds up quicker, stays softer and more supple plus riders sit more quietly.
Better rider equitation.  ThinLine protects both rider and horses backs, breathable, no slip ThinLine keeps your horse comfortable and your saddle in place.

Absorbs more shock than anything else in a thin pad that will not compromise saddle fit.  As an added benefit, this pad is also "Shimmable" for riding multiple horses in the same saddle and for horses changing shape you can modify the saddle fit without having to buy another saddle.  Shims/Risers are available!

Choose between Medium or Large.


18" between the rolls & 23" including the rolls.


19 1/4" between the rolls & 24" including the rolls.

If your saddle has large or wider panels, choose the large.

Made in the USA

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