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ThinLine Dressage Square

AUD 340.00 each


Product Description:

The Ultimate Performance Dressage Pad!
ThinLine sewn on top of the highest quality cotton with medical grade sheepskin under the panels and at the front roll.
Underneath the Ultra ThinLine is a pocket for shims.
This is one of the finest ThinLine products we have produced.  This pad is perfect for easy tack up: your Ultra ThinLine is always in the right place.
Ultra ThinLine products provide exceptional benefits for both horse and riders back simultaneously.  They keep you close to your horse and maintain horse and rider communication.
You will see increased performance in how your horses lift their backs, and all riders will sit closer, quieter and be able to do more with lighter aids.  Spine free wither profile design.
Measures 23" long along the spine (21" not counting the front roll) and 21.5" in flap length.

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